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The Baby-Sitters Club meets Stranger Things in this eerie middle grade novel about friendship, fitting in, and the afterlife.

Wednesday Thomas can talk to the dead—but that doesn't mean she wants to.

After a perilous encounter with a wicked ghost leaves her shaken and terrified, she decides to ignore the dead. Never mind that she and her mother have moved back to Alton, Georgia, and into the haunted Victorian house where her mother grew up. Never mind that on her first day at her new school, Wednesday runs into two different ghosts in the hallways. She's just going to wait until her supernatural gift fades away, like it did for most members of her family when they reached their teens.

But then she meets a mysterious girl who died last year and still haunts the house across the street. There's also a group of classmates at her school who seem to know about the spirit realm. Wednesday swore she'd stop talking to the dead, but when she receives an invitation to be the medium of a secret club, she learns there's a lot more going on with the ghosts in Alton and the girls who can see them.

When another malevolent ghost threatens to harm Wednesday, it will take the help of new friends both living and dead to save her and banish the evil being back to the spirit realm where it belongs.

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