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Photo Credit: Vania Stoyanova



Cover illustration by Steffi Walthall

Penguin Young Readers direction

by Kelley Brady


Cover illustration by

Kaitlin June Edwards

Simon & Schuster art direction by Sarah Creech

Star Wars Stories of Jedi and Sith_12_edited.jpg

Cover illustration by Jake Bartok

Art direction by Disney Lucasfilm Press.

empire strikes back cover.png

Cover illustration by Will Staehle 

Star Wars Del Rey art direction by Elizabeth A. D. Eno

A pheonix must fall cover.png

Edited by Patrice Caldwell

Cover illustration by Ashe Samuels 

Penguin Young Readers art direction by Samira Iravani

just south of home cover .png

Cover illustration by Geneva Bowers

Simon & Schuster art direction by Laurent Linn

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