My Four Words

Some people grow up with a credo or a phrase that sums up best what they represent or what they want in their life. For me, I have four words.

These four words speak of the kind of life I want and it definitely bleeds over into my writing life as well.

  • Passion. Your passion reaps the best results. It’s no surprise that the things we have been most passionate about are the things we conquered. It may not happen overnight, but if you want it, then I believe you can get it.
  • Imagination. Your imagination creates the seed of ideas. Our daydreams are important and lead us to novel projects and new life adventures. And it is unique in every person.
  • Peace. Your peace helps you enjoy the journey. Stress and turmoil stall us. Accepting the place where we are in the journey helps us write better and live better. It’s a process not a race.
  • Love. Your love keeps you centered. If you truly don’t love yourself, your writing, your life — when things get bad (and they will, ha) — it will be hard for you to to push through to the other side. Love anyway with all the flaws.

These are my four words. And when things get really crazy — like that deep shade of crazy — I always fall back on these words. Anytime I have to make a decision and it doesn’t fit the criteria of these four words, I let it go. It’s made both my personal life and writing life much more simple.