About Karen

Born and raised in the rural South, I spent most of my childhood wandering the woods, meadows, and gardens on my grandmother’s land. My love of books was a cultivated gift I received from my mother who introduced me to the world of words. My love of science was a cherished bond I shared with my father who showed me the value of knowledge. I learned to love both of these worlds equally.

I think of myself as a writer and an advocate of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

My day job is in information technology. My team develops software that helps law enforcement agencies solve criminal cases — which also includes finding abducted children and combating domestic terrorism.

My passion is writing for kids and teens — focusing on black girls who explore the different realms of adventure and mystery with a dash of spooky.

I travel between these two worlds and I’m happy to live in both for now. I feed my logical brain with software bugs to conquer and I also honor my writer brain with imaginative stories to create.

Feel free to send me a message or you can chat with me on Twitter. I love meeting other kindred spirits.