Novel Wisdom (17)

This post is part of a series on the blog where I share some of the nuggets of wisdom and inspiration — related to writing and/or life — that I find steeped in the pages of novels that I’ve read.

Last week I was promoted at my software geek job. I’m happy to be acknowledged for all of my hard work but now comes the part when one of my 2013 words — Balance — will be put to the test because the promotion means more exposure and responsibility.

I’m also excited about signing up for an upcoming writing class with author Nova Ren Suma that starts in April.

So when I was browsing my bookshelf I thought it was only kismet that I found this quote. I think this will be the kind of year I’ll be having.

From Evelyn , the narrator of the novel The Center of Everything by Laura Moriarty:

“It’s like swimming, underwater, this whole year. I just close my eyes, hold my breath, and keep kicking.”


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    Congrats on the promotion! I think being conscious of these things, and preparing for a difficult time ahead, is a large chunk of the battle. I do hope you’ll let us know how the class with Nova goes!

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      I’m so very excited about taking Nova’s class because I do like her writing and as you know it’s time for me to let this novel project be seen by other writers for critique and feedback. :)

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      Thanks Medeia! :)

      I love Nova’s writing and I’m really excited to see get her feedback and learn from the other writers in the class. I’ll definitely let you know how I liked the class.

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