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    Great post! I love number 3–Write the story you want to read. This makes huge sense to me. I can’t imagine spending time, blood, sweat, and tears on a manuscript that I am not enjoying. Steal Like an Artist may have to be my next craft book purchase. Thanks for sharing, Karen!

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    Sounds like a great book! The first point is exactly what I needed to hear today. I’m brainstorming a new book and find myself thinking too much about what would sell. I should stop worrying about that and write a book from my heart.

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    TOTALLY agree with #3. I always think about that when someone in the industry says, “Oh, historical fiction is dead in YA.” Whether it’s true or not is irrelevant. I write what I wanna read! Nice to see it articulated in that way.

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      Well you went with what you loved and ultimately your book found a fabulous publisher. I know you much you love history so I’m glad that you kept writing CLEOPATRA’S MOON.

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    Fantastic advice, and so very true. If I wrote what I know (‘day’ job) it would kill part of me. I love the advice of writing a novel you’d want to read. That’s brilliant!

  5. Elizabeth Varadan says

    That is probably the best writing advice, and I’ve heard it before, but it’s refreshing to hear it again: write the book you want to read. In the current climate of dystopian future popularity, it’s good to be reminded that there’s a reader out there who wants something new — and if you are the reader, you can write that book. :-)

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      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I have always believed that if you write what you love even if it’s not considered “hot” it will still find its readers.

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    I love the first one. When you consider how long we spend planning, writing the first draft, and revising, you had better love your story otherwise you’re going to be miserable. And that WILL show up in the writing and in the story. And you never know. Your novel might lead to the next trend. :D

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