My Very Unfairy Tale Life

When I first started writing, I lived and breathed the world of middle-grade fiction. It is my very first love.

When I first started blogging, I met fabulous blogger Anna Staniszewski and shortly thereafter we found that we had very similar reading tastes, and hence a “Book Twin” was born.

So I was very excited when Anna got her book deal for her middle-grade novel, My Very Unfairy Tale Life, which arrives in bookstores next week even though I did see it in the wild last night here in Atlanta and posted a pic on Twitter.

Here’s my summary of the book:

Jenny is not your average 12-year old. First off, she’s an Adventurer, which means she travels to magical kingdoms to take care of business. But don’t get it twisted, it’s not as glamorous or as safe as Disney World — especially when crazy unicorns want to stab her or creepy clowns want to take away her mouth. It’s also a drag when her two best friends don’t even remember her — thanks to a magic spell. Oh yeah, and her co-worker is a gnome who constantly performs duties not in his job description. And even if she could leave her work at the office, Jenny only has to come home to a ditsy Aunt who only shows love to her animals.

What’s an Adventurer to do?

Jenny decides she’s had enough. She doesn’t want to be an Adventurer anymore. But living in the real world is not what she expected it to be — it’s actually kinda boring. When she finds out that she may be the last hope to save a magic kingdom under an evil curse, she has has to make a choice: Does she stay safe in her world or return back as an Adventurer and succeed where others have failed?

This is a great middle-grade novel for girls who like their characters feisty and funny. Loved the humor in this book. My personal favorite was the gnome. This is going on my Christmas list for my god-daughter who is 9-years old. She will love it!

Congrats Book Twin on your debut! You’re making me want to write middle-grade fiction again. :)


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    I’m so glad that everyone is so excited for Anna!

    It’s a spunky book with a strong female character. I think a lot of girls (and boys) will really like this book. :)

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