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So last night I noticed that my neighborhood’s Halloween decorations are even creepier if that’s even possible. Last year, I heard that some parents wouldn’t even let their kids come trick-or-treating in our neighborhood because it looked too scary. Poor kids. I’m sure some of them loved it though.


Doesn’t this picture just freak you out?!

This is one of the production photos from Season 2 of the TV show The Walking Dead. I’m a fan of the comic series too. Not only are the zombies scary but also some of the survival situations — it just makes me think of what exactly I would do in a zombie apocalypse. I’m so unprepared right now! :)

Growing up, I was that kid with the flashlight reading Stephen King and Dean Kootnz who would then be too scared to go to sleep. I’ve always been fascinated anything dark and macabre. I loves me some creepy. Growing up in the rural South, things do get sinister at “dark-thirty” when the sun goes down and you don’t have those “street city lights” — and all you’re left with are shifty shadows and “vivid” memories of all those scary stories to keep you company on your bike ride home — I learned that hard lesson at 10 years old.

When I first started writing, I stayed away the creepiness but looking back now on all my influences, it doesn’t surprise me that my first novel was a ghost story. It’s the kind of story I’m drawn to as a reader. My next project may be veering in that direction as well.

So what about you writer friends? Do you love scary things? Do any of you write in the horror genre? Do you read horror? What are some of your favorite creepy books?


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    I love all things creepy! I once worked at a video store (when they had such things) and I watched every horror movie in stock. Funny that you mention reading Stephen King and Dean Koontz by flashlight as a kid, I did the same thing! The scariest book I ever read was a ‘true account’ of an exorcism. Scared the heck out of me. Someday I’d love to write a horror novel, just not sure I’m cut out for it.

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    nutschell: Ha, I would have thought you being a HP fan that you would like gory. Oh well. :)

    Saba: Well, at least we still have the sci-fi in common huh? :)

    Laura: What is it with Halloween? I don’t know what’s more the disturbing — the decorations or the costumes.

    Heather: Yay! A kindred spirit! Yeah, anything with true accounts of demons pretty much scare me too — doesn’t stop me from reading or watching them though. LOL

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    My husband tried to get me to watch the first episode of “The Walking Dead” but I only made it through half of it before I had to run and hide. The minute I see anything creepy, I have nightmares about it. Yup, total wimp.

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    I’m a total horror wimp!!! I read a few King novels in high school and really didn’t sleep well for months and months! I’ve had very vivid nightmares since I was a small child (used to scare the pants off my parents when I’d tell them about them!) – so I try not to encourage them too much! :)

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    Anna: The Walking Dead is sort of intense. I always feel a little queasy after watching that show but still love it!

    Jemi: Okay, vivid nightmares? Yeah, you should definitely stay away from scary books. :)

    Ghenet: My favorite Stephen King novel is Pet Cemetery. Very creepy.

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